Carlos Alberto

Guzmán Bellinghausen


He obtained his law degree from the Law School of the National Lawyers Bar. His professional practice led him to specialize in family matters, in which he always seeks to design strategies that put the interest of the family before the conflict.

As a father, he is convinced that in the exercise of his profession priority should given to the welfare of minors, who are the first affected by the disagreements between parents; for that reason he limits their participation to a minimum; however, when it comes to protecting their interests, he does not hesitate to use all the tools that the law puts at his disposal.  bienestar de los menores, quienes son los primeros afectados por las desavenencias entre los padres; por ello siempre procura que tengan la menor participación posible en los conflictos; sin embargo cuando se trate de protegerlos, no duda en utilizar todas las herramientas que la ley contempla.

He does not like to lose and will use all his skills and attention to achieve success in each of the projects and cases in which he participates.

He has been a professor for more than 10 years in the Faculty of Law of the National Lawyers Bar, where he has taught "Individual Guarantees", "Juicio de Amparo" and "Seminario de Juicio de Amparo", as well as the seminars of "Commercial Executive Trial", "Ordinary Commercial Trial", "Parental Alienation Syndrome and Custody Conflicts", "Family Oral Law" and "Traditional Family Procedure".

In his free time he likes to practice outdoor sports, like skating in Mexico City.