Guzmán Hernández


Graduated from the Law School of the National Lawyers Bar, receiving his Law Degree with the presentation of the professional thesis entitled "The Quantification of Moral Damage". From the beginning of his career he has been an integral part of CFZC Abogados, uninterruptedly dedicating his professional life to the practice of law, and focusing his professional development to the exercise of law in civil, commercial and estate matters.

Like the other partners, he has collaborated in high profile cases, mainly in matters of damages, medical malpractice and moral damage, these being some of his specialties. He has participated in the teaching of seminars on moral damage, freedom of expression and civil procedure within the National Bar of Lawyers as a full professor. From his point of view, cases are won and defended through careful attention to detail.

Among his passions, aside from law practice are sports, among others, Martial Arts and cycling. Lover of Japanese culture and its philosophy. Man of few words, but of action.